In Bridgnorth, Shropshire

In Bridgnorth, Shropshire


Imagine a therapy created just for you!


Each Person is unique and ”one size” definitely doesn’t fit all. Offering Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EMDR EFT, NLP and Mindfulness, I work closely with you to create a therapy package, drawn from my own professional toolbox, which is as individual as you are and which best meets your needs.


Achieving Real Results for Real People!

Because YOU are important too!

Are you the person everyone goes to for help, support and advice? Be it friends, neighbours, work colleagues or are you taking care of your family and constantly making sure all their emotional needs are met?

If you are, then who do you go to for support? How are you coping with the daily stresses which life often throws your way? These may be holding you back and limiting your ability to progress in certain areas of your life. You may not feel able to talk to anyone about your issues or perhaps you don’t think they will be able to cope with hearing your problems. 
Perhaps it’s more complex and past traumas may be still plaguing your life today and you would prefer a safe, neutral space to work things through.

Real Results for Real People!

Lasyard House Underhill Street
Bridgnorth, WV16 4BB

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